Getting a tattoo should be a journey, not a “one-night stand”! — April 28, 2015

Getting a tattoo should be a journey, not a “one-night stand”!

When one is contemplating on getting a tattoo they should take the time to connect with a tattoo artist.  A tattoo is a permanent work of art which takes several steps to achieve what you are desiring.  Those several steps could include multiply visits and maybe even a touch up or two.  Over time you may need to meet up with your tattoo artist again so they can brighten up the colors or just add-on to your tattoo.  You will have a more enjoyable outcome from an over-time relationship then a quick “one-night stand” tattoo.  It appears that most of the regretted tattoos are from an impromptu visit to a tattoo shop with no pre-thought on what is wanted.  This results in a rushed pick from a tattoo flash book and no extra attention or detail is taken.  Since no relationship was formed you might find it hard to ask for a touch up … everyone knows how awkward a one-night stand is 😉

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Establishing a lifetime friendship with my clients — April 18, 2015

Establishing a lifetime friendship with my clients

I am so blessed to have such wonderful clients.  The tattoo process is a journey and should be taken seriously.  It is a time for the client to express their thoughts/ideas on the tattoo they are wanting.  Whether it is for fun, memorial, art, etc….  the tattoo artist and client will be working closely together to come up with the perfect design.  During this time I have been blessed with a chance to establish a lifetime bond and friendship with my clients.

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