Does getting a tattoo hurt? If so, How much does it hurt? — June 16, 2015

Does getting a tattoo hurt? If so, How much does it hurt?

I think everyone at some point has either asked or thought this question …  How much does it hurt?  Some might even avoid getting a tattoo just out of fear of how much pain they will feel.  Unfortunately,  there is not a direct answer to this question.  It totally depends on each persons pain threshold and tattoo placement.  Each area of the body shows pain differently.

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The first few minutes of getting your new tattoo is usually the worst and then you start to realize that it really isn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be.  Don’t get me wrong it is not smooth sailing from there, but you now know the answer to “How much does it hurt?”.  Just relax and if needed take breaks during your tattoo session so you can stretch.

Some have describe the pain to be like an annoying poke, paper cuts, blowtorch, a hot scratch, rats chewing, and sharp.  It helps to be fully informed on the tattoo process so that you will already have an idea of what is going to take place.  Make sure that you have eaten a healthy meal and drink plenty of water before your tattoo appointment, this will ensure that you will not feel week or want to pass out.

Once you start you can’t stop … — April 22, 2015

Once you start you can’t stop …

It is hard to put into words just how it feels right after you get your 1st tattoo.  That overwhelming excitement and relief that you were brave enough.  And not to mention the uncontrollable urge to keep looking at your new art piece that will be with you forever.  It’s a great reminder of who you are and where you’ve been.

Most of my clients already have the next tattoo idea stirring in their minds before the new tattoo is even completed.  There is something in the process, the smell, the sounds, the pain, and the commitment that make it addicting.  Tattoos are not just for the younger generation.  There are so many different styles of tattoos and tattooing that appeal to all ages.  But remember once you start you can’t stop …..   Tattoo’s are highly addictive!

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